Sonata for Alto Saxophone, 2nd movement 3:41

(Mario Ciaccio, alto sax. Simone Miotto, piano)

Amelia (excerpt) 48”

The Shepherd Symphony Orchestra, Larry Rachleff, conductor

American Nights, 3rd movement (excerpt) 56”

(Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Jeff Robinson, bassoon, Jo Anne Ritacca, piano)

Beat, 8th song 1:32

Tracy Rhodus, mezzo-soprano, Brian Connelly, piano

The Kaleidoscopic Pocket Hockets Boogaloo (excerpt) 35”

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, Margaret Thornhill, director

Brodwick Songs, 1st song 1:04

Timothy Jones, baritone, Timothy Pitts, double bass

Brunetti Variations, 1st variation 5:04

Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Benjamin Kamins, bassoon, Syzygy ensemble

Sonata for Cello: In Memoriam, 2nd movement (excerpt) 2:00

Norman Fischer, cello, Jean Kierman Fischer, piano

Celtic Drumline 5:59

Rice Percussion Ensemble, Richard Brown, director

Dark Songs, 2nd song 4:53

Melissa Plagemann, mezzo-soprano, Affinity Chamber Players

Ceremonial Fanfare 2:11

Rice Brass and Percussion, Marie Speziale, conductor

Communiqué (excerpt) 1:31

University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Uri Mayer, conductor

Concerto for Tom, 1st movement 4:41

Thomas Bacon, horn, Rice University Jazz Band, Kenneth Dye, director

Contrary Variants 4:42

Merrie Siegel, flute

Fakebook, 3rd movement 5:28

Jeri-Mae Astolfi, piano

Fantasy Variations 13:19

Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Donald Portnoy, conductor

Five Songs of Love, 5th song 4:33

Karol Bennett, soprano, The Gotham String Quartet

The Fountains (excerpt) 1:27

Reynaldo Ochoa, trumpet

Fanfare for a Great City 2:15

Rice Symphony Orchestra Brass, Larry Rachleff, conductor

Heavy Metal (excerpt) 1:17

The Shepherd Brass Quintet

Sonata for Horn and Piano, 3rd movement 4:45

William VerMeulen, horn, Brian Connelly, piano

Infinite Tears 3:56

Arthur Gottschalk, bass and vocals, Bob Chadwick, flute, Joe LoCascio, piano

Jeu du Chat (excerpt) 52”

Laura Hunter, alto saxophone, Brian Connelly, piano

Killer Bees (excerpt) 1:00

Middle Tennessee State University Trumpet Ensemble

NYCDizMix (excerpt) 55”

electroacoustic sounds

Psalm 27 (excerpt) 1:19

Rice Chorale, Thomas jabber, conductor

Recuerdos de México: Sonata for Flute, 2nd movement 4:45

Merrie Siegel, flute, Milton Laufer, piano

Roulades (excerpt) 49”

University of Colorado Symphonic Band, Allan Murray, conductor

Sonatina Casada, 3rd movement 5:24

Leone Buyse, flute, Michael Webster, clarinet

At the Space Age Vinyl Music Box Lounge (excerpt) 3:23

Bird on a Wire Ensemble, David Colson, conductor

Sonata for Tenor Trombone, 2nd movement 5:02

Joel Brown, trombone, Patti Wolf, piano

Western Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, 3rd movement 4:40

Scott Thornburg, trumpet, Sylvia Roederer, piano

Concerto for Violin and Symphonic Winds, 1st movement (excerpt) 50”

Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Rice Winds, Marie Speziale, conductor

Concerto for Violin and Symphonic Winds, 2nd movement (excerpt) 2:50

Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Rice Winds, Marie Speziale, conductor

Concerto for Violin and Symphonic Winds, 3rd movement (excerpt) 48”

Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Rice Winds, Marie Speziale, conductor

Whack! (excerpt) 1:04

Rice Percussion Ensemble, Richard Brown, director

Concerto for Wind and Percussion Orchestra, 3rd movement (excerpt) 1:11

Florida State University Symphonic Band, James Croft, conductor

© All rights reserved by Arthur Gottschalk


Architecture photography by Sean Tracy