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Arthur Gottschalk: ART FOR TWO

August 28, 2018|Art For Two, News, Reviews|

Originally Published By: JazzdaGama Arthur Gottschalk is one of American music’s great originals, and a rare example of a contemporary composer who has succeeded in writing music that is at once thoroughly modern but also shamelessly enjoyable. [...]

Radio Airplay and Playlists

August 18, 2018|News|

Oh, More or Less from ART FOR TWO played on WRUV radio Shalom from ART FOR TWO played on UMFM radio Imágenes de Cuba featured on Spotify's Clasical New Releases playlist

Gramophone Review: ANCESTRAL VOICES

March 1, 2018|Ancestral Voices, News, Reviews|

Originally Published By: Gramophone The third instalment from the Houston-based Apollo Chamber Players’ project of commissioning and recording 20 new ‘folk music-inspired and multicultural works’ by the end of the decade introduces four excellent new string quartets [...]

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

February 15, 2018|News|

Originally Published By: PARMA Recordings There’s something about walking into Carnegie Hall that makes you feel a bit awestruck. It’s an imposing building — taking up an entire city block in midtown Manhattan — that dominates everything around it. [...]

Classical Music Review: CHÉVRE

October 13, 2017|News|

Originally Published By: Classical Music Review “Gottschalk's work draws on his many trips to Cuba, referencing various elements of modern Cuban culture as observed in his travels.”

Fast forward: making music in Cuba

April 23, 2017|News|

Originally Published By: Sonograma Magazine I arrived in Havana on January 14, 2017.  It was my fourth time visiting the country. While this trip was much like the previous ones (that is, filled morning to morning with [...]

Breaking Boundaries: Apollo Chamber Players in Cuba

March 2, 2017|News, Reviews|

Originally Published By: Arts + Culture Amid the hearty shouts of “Cuba Libre” punctuating the final exuberant moments of Arthur Gottschalk’s Imagénes de Cuba, Houston’s Apollo Chamber Players capped off their historic performance/recording tour in Cuba with [...]

Harmonizing Differences

February 15, 2017|News, Reviews|

Originally Published By: What the Apollo Chamber Players want to deliver on Navona’s Ancestral Voices CD is an overt blend of traditions as interpreted by four contemporary composers, all of them working in the folk/multicultural style that is [...]

Apollo Chamber Players Forge Ahead

February 6, 2017|News|

Originally Published By: City Arts Last week, shortly after returning from a tour and recording session in Cuba and on their way to a performance at Carnegie Hall, the Houston-based Apollo Chamber Players came to town to [...]

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