Arthur Gottschalk: STEPS (2020)

Arthur Gottschalk: STEPS (2020) for four bass clarinets (Rocco Parisi, Sauro Berti, Richard Nunemaker & Stephan Vermeersch).

Arthur Gottschalk: U. Q. L.

U Q L is a short polyphonic paraphrase upon the Hymn of St. John, Ut Queant Laxis, from which Guido of Arezzo derived his solfege system.

Arthur Gottschalk: Spanish Clarinets

Arthur Gottschalk: Sonata

Arthur Gottschalk: Sonata (first ICA performance) – Sauro Berti (bass clarinet) e Naomi Fujiya (piano) – ClarinetFest®2013 – Assisi 26 July 2013.

Arthur Gottschalk: A Taste of Aeterna

In October/November 2013, the “Vine Orchestra” held a call for scores with durations of less than 6 seconds.

Gottschalk – Arecibo: CEMI Circles

Arecibo (2011), Arthur Gottschalk (b. 1952) Daniel Tramte, live spatial diffusion 2-channel electroacoustic.

Arthur Gottschalk: Sonata per clarinetto basso e pianoforte

Duo Kame” (Sauro Berti & Naomi Fujiya) – Festival Internazionale “Fiato al Brasile” – Scuola di Musica G.Sarti di Faenza – domenica 4 Marzo 2012.

Arthur Gottschalk: Sonata for Bass Clarinet and Piano

Sauro Berti (Bass Clarinet Buffet Prestige and Rico Reserve Classic Reed) Naomi Fujiya (Piano) Faenza 4 marzo 2012 (prima esecuzione europea).

Art Gottschalk:  “The Kaleidoscopic Pocket Hockets Boogaloo” for 10 bass clarinets

Performed by the Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, live in concert, March 2, 2013. Guest contrabass 2 clarinet, Alex Sramek. Conductor: Margaret Thornhill.

60×60 Dance @ Galapagos (04.07.09): #09

Music: Arthur Gottschalk, Dance: Erin Pride

Arthur Gottschalk: Oh, More or Less

Mario Ciaccio (sassofono tenore) e Sauro Berti (clarinetto basso) – Sala 50 del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma – mercoledì 15 maggio 2013.

Voices In My Head

Electroacoustic sounds, music, and video animation. Sounds and images collected from the rain forest in Belize, in 2004.


Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music

The PAGSA panels are a bi-monthly forum for the Rice University physics and astronomy grad students to interact with the faculty in an informal setting. Past topics have ranged from How to Get a Job in Academia, How to get a job in industry, and How to defend a Masters to more general topics such as Science Policy and Things I Wish I Knew as a First Year. The panels usually have high turn out, and are one of PAGSA’s more successful events. For more information about PAGSA, visit our webpage at

Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music (1/5)

Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music (2/5)

Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music (3/5)

Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music (4/5)

Pagsa Panel: Physics Of Music (5/5)

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