Classical Music Review: ANCESTRAL VOICES

Published: October 13, 2017

Originally Published By: Classical Music Review

For immediate release: October 9, 2019 – RMN Classical

RMN Classical is excited to announce the release of a new album titled Modern Music for Piano 2.

This album, the second of the series, will feature nine composers from different walks of life, winners of the Call for Piano Works 2019, a project launched by RMN Classical to discover new interesting composers from all over the world.

The nine composers who are featured are (in order of playlist): Georgi Dimitrov, Mari Kotskyy, Michael Staff, Arthur Gottschalk, Gianluca Deserti, Anruo Cheng, Gary D. Belshaw, Philippe Mathis, Daniel Cummings.

The release will feature performances by pianists Ellen Pauliska, Brian Connelly, Lorenzo Meo and Richard Fountain.

The play-list includes:
01. Play! (live version) by Georgi Dimitrov
02. Migrating Birds by Mari Kotskyy
03. Dreams of a Somnambulist by Michael Staff
04 – 06. Fakebook II (live version) by Arthur Gottschalk
07. Nocturne by Gianluca Deserti
08. Moondust by Anruo Cheng
09. Passacaglia by Gary D. Belshaw
10. Dimensions Nr 8 by Philippe Mathis
11. Aria by Daniel Cummings

All the new tracks can be enjoyed on Modern Music for Piano 2, available on every digital outlet and platform October 29, 2019, on RMN Classical.

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