Review: REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING by Filippo Focosi

Published: November 2, 2015

Originally Published By: Filippo Focosi

“A Requiem of great power, that of the American composer Arthur Gottschalk, in the wake of the famous Mass of Lenny Bernstein, for his mix modern and classic, sacred and profane (also in the texts), belcanto and gospel. AND markedly american, in the incisiveness and rhythmic variety that infuses vitality and energy to every movement, and that justifies, and resolves the apparent paradox of the title: the farewell from deceased transforming into a hymn to life, without this neglect moments of contemplation (within a system remarkably harmonious tonal) and emotional introspection. Particularly impressive are the contrasts between the lyrical lines sung by soloists and the mighty the choir, which also sometimes unfold in crisp drawings of contrapuntal renaissance mold. Only one of the signs of a writing voice wise and rich in expressive shades, which combined with orchestration exuberant (where a fundamental role and entrusted for brass instruments) produces an effect of great emotional impact and spectacular sound. A work profound and exciting, by a composer obviously at the apex of his creative vein.”

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