Published: January 17, 2011

ABLAZE RECORDS was looking for were two things as we approached this second Millennial Masters volume: great compositions and excellent performances that were well recorded. MICHAEL LEE was awarded a place on the disc for his Capriccio for Violin and Piano ‘a voice in the waves,’ which impressed us with its fluid drama and tight, focused intensity. LUCAS LECHOWSKI composed a work for multi-tracked violins, which is evocative, plaintive and atmospheric. ZACHARIAH ZUBOW’s work was selected because of the evocative electronics he pairs with solo flute to make a work of high impact and dramatic structure. DYLAN SHERIDAN’s collection of short works for clarinet and piano dramatically, playfully and individualistically recount aspects of his time spent in the United States. Instruments with electronics reach a lush, dramatic and virtuosic peak with ARTHUR GOTTSCHALK’s glimmering and muscular work for brass instruments and electronics appropriately titled Heavy Metal. The work of STEPHEN YIP is again featured on this second volume of Millennial Masters recordings. Once more, his work is highly evocative, coloristic, poetic and wonderfully crafted. 

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